A Case to Fly Solo

A Case to Fly Solo

Despite the fact that fewer taboos exist around the topic of masturbation, many people still opt out when it comes to discussing it. But whether we are ready to admit it or not, a good number of us still set aside some time for self-pleasure on a regular basis. Research has concluded that adult toys are gaining traction in our daily lives. So the question is, why are we so reluctant to talk about something that is part and parcel of healthy sex life?

I guess one of the reasons behind the reluctance to discuss masturbation are ridiculous and baseless myths surrounding the topic. One of the most peddled myths is that it will make you infertile, or lower your sperm count or that it will shrink your manhood. The craziest of them all is that we are allocated a specific number of orgasms per lifetime, and masturbation uses them up uselessly.

Our conservative mindset towards solo sex doesn’t help steer this conversation in the right direction. Because of the stigma associated with pleasure, we normally view non-procreative sex acts like masturbation as wrong, dirty and unnatural at worst. But this is a very narrow lens to view self-pleasure from.

The best sex toys for self-pleasure

Sex toys such as Rabbit Vibratordildos, and Kegel balls are healthy choices if you are after g-spot stimulation. If you are always on the go, a Lipstick vibrator is a safe choice since people won’t recognize it even if you were to flash it before their eyes. If you find yourself indoors on a boring afternoon, a clit sucking vibrator or magic wand are perfect go tos for mind-blowing orgasms to lighten up your mood.

The truth of the matter is playing with yourself is not only a vital part of self-care but can be extremely good for your overall well being. Below are some of the benefits that come with a little self-pleasure:

It rejuvenates your sex life

Sex is much more intense and pleasurable when you know your body well and what feels good. So how do you figure out your pleasure points? The best way is to afford yourself some time for self-exploration. This will give you a glimpse of your pleasure points, how you like to be touched and what makes you orgasm.


Better sleep

Due to the feel-good hormones released by the brain during and after an orgasm, solo sex can be a perfect go-to for good night sleep. These hormones help you relax and relieves you from muscle tensions. So whenever you find yourself tossing and turning, treat yourself to 30 minutes of self-love. The chances of you sleeping like a baby are tenfold.

Safe from STIs

An often-ignored part of solo sex is that you can never contract an STI. Since you are dealing with no one’s bodily fluids but your own, you can relax and enjoy the ride knowing you don’t run the risk of contracting STIs. Always ensure you properly clean your toys to avoid the risk of infections. 



Assist in balancing sex drives in relationships

In a relationship, you might think you aren’t satisfying your partner but the problem might be mismatched sex drives. Some people have stronger sex drives and masturbation is a healthy way of bridging the gap. A recently conducted research found that women who masturbate often in a relationship are much more satisfied than earlier thought. So next time when you are with your partner, try masturbating without having penetrative sex. This is the ultimate turn on.