Kegel balls

What are Kegel balls and what do we use them for? Who can forget that hot scene on Fifty Shades Darker when Christian surprised Anna with a fabulous pair of Kegel balls? It elicited a cringe-worthy moment from Anna when she thought they were going inside her butt. Lucky for her, Christian knelt and popped them inside her vagina and out they went to row the night away. And that was how I first learned of Kegel balls.

What are they?

Love balls or Kegel balls are designed to assist you to find your pelvic floor muscles and know how to work them effectively. They are inserted into the vagina and by clenching and holding them in, it enables you to single out and target the right muscle groups.

Not only do Kegel balls give your internal muscles a good workout, they damn right feel good. Ben WA Balls also increase sexual sensitivity and intensify orgasms.

Before using Kegel balls thoroughly clean them with hot, (fragrance-free) soapy water. It’s highly important to clean your toys before and after use. This prevents you from running the risk of contracting harmful bacteria and STIs if you are sharing your sex toys.

How do I use Kegel balls?

Gently push in the first ball by pressing it against the vagina’s opening. Once the first ball slides in, be sure to also insert the small length silicone between the first and second ball. Once you comfortably tuck this inside, gently press in the second ball inside too.

Once the two balls are in, you can push them in further until you feel they are safe and secure. Make sure that the removal loop hangs outside just like a tampon string.

You don’t have to worry about them coming out since your body is automatically wired to hold them in. However if you feel the need to remove them, simply pull at the removal loop gently until they slide free.

They are in, so?

Wearing Ben WA balls while sitting is not putting them to good use. The more you are on the move, the more they stimulate. So better to pop them in before you start your daily activities. Traveling by bus, doing yoga or even dancing is much more fun when wearing Kegel balls. To get the maximum benefits, just move around.

Can I use them during sex?

Due to the arousing effects that come with wearing jiggle balls, you can insert them an hour before having sex. Once inside you, allow the ball’s gentle movements to massage your insides in the lead up to sex.


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