Kegel balls

Kegel balls What are Kegel balls and what do we use them for? Who can forget that hot scene on Fifty Shades Darker when Christian surprised Anna with a fabulous pair of Kegel balls? It elicited a cringe-worthy moment from Anna when she thought they...

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A Case to Fly Solo

A Case to Fly Solo Despite the fact that fewer taboos exist around the topic of masturbation, many people still opt out when it comes to discussing it. But whether we are ready to admit it or not, a good number of us still set...

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Vibrators in Kenya

Vibrators in Kenya It’s a widely held view that sex sells itself. What of vibrators? How do you go shopping for the best “personal massager” in Kenya? This is even more challenging by our value of privacy, especially intimate privacy. No one wants their kinks...

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